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Domain Law

The internet domain is often the virtual sign and simultaneously the most important marketing instrument of a company. If you keep in mind that each domain is unique and singular on the Internet and if you think about the economic importance of online presence, this will illuminate the value of a domain.

On these grounds domain rights are often subjects to legal disputes which must be necessarily brought before a court. Most of all it is about the violation of trademark rights or of the competition law via the use of a domain.

Domain grabbing and domain hijacking are types of conducts which may lead, in the economic competition, to the unfair relocation of the centre of relative strength on market and they may injure the industrial property rights.

Finally, pecuniary rights may derive from the possession of a domain which can be used as objects for execution by court. The execution against a domain may be, among other things, a determining means of pressure for inducing the debtor to payment.