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IT Contracts

Under the collective notion of IT Agreements a high number of various types of contracts are to be gathered, with the common feature of having works, services or projects in the IT field for subject. At the beginning of lots of IT projects you will find a confidentiality agreement, abbreviated also as NDAnon-disclosure agreement, in which the future contracting partners oblige themselves mutually to confidentiality. This aspect is also frequently one of the lots of subjects covered by an IT agreement.


Here it can be about an IT project agreement, an IT work agreement or a services level agreement in the IT field, depending on the constellation and the subject of contract. Similarly, the various cooperation agreements are of high importance in economic life. In this scope, the services may be of totally different nature and for instance they can consist in the preparation of a website or a programme, in making available some web contents (content supply agreement), in providing the availability of a  service or a software as such (“software-as-a-service” agreement) or of other services in electronic data processing. The service may be even of merely advisory nature, in the event of consulting agreements. Finally, the software escrow is a totally special kind of IT agreement.


The wide spectrum of possible subjects of contract within the scope of IT has for consequence that the attorney specialized in IT-law must move self-confidently in the field of electronic data processing and must have in-depth knowledge in this field. Attorney at law Balazs Esztegar has been, since the completion of his post-graduate studies with focus on IT law, familiarising himself with various business matters concerning specifically the electronic data processing and providing consultancy and representation for companies from the IT branch.