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Company Law

Company law may sometimes be a field of law full of stresses. It is not seldom to occur that the interests of members having overlapped each other originally will develop in contrast to each other or even in contrast to the interests of the company. In addition to the relationship of the members among themselves and in relation to the company the company law also regulates the rights and obligations of the bodies of a company, just like their responsibility, thus among other things the liability of general managers.

That is why disputes are sometimes pre-programmed in corporate law and they may be settled out of court or brought in court. Just in cases when it is about splitting or about the withdrawal of members from a company, frictions cannot always be avoided.

But even if you disregard any potential liabilities and disputes, company law offers a broad space for consultancy and representation by counsel, e.g. upon the alienation of business quotas, amendment to the articles of association, the foundation and registration of branches or various other proceedings before the Court of Registration.

The Esztegar Law Office furnishes advisory services and representation for companies, company members and company bodies (e.g. managing directors) in each issue of company law, with focus on the law of limited liability companies and the law of personal companies (general partnerships, limited partnerships), and it will arrange entries in the Austrian company register for you.