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Intellectual Property

The expression intellectual property indicates that knowledge and those cultural assets which have been created in the first line via intellectual efforts and which cannot be grasped, in most cases, as physical corpora. In the field of law intellectual property encompasses the so-called industrial property rights and the copyright law. Since the subject of protection of intellectual property is not physically tangible, it is also called intangible property right.


The notion of industrial property rights encompasses trademark protection (trademark law), design protection (model protection) and invention protection (patent law and utility model protection). The protection is not generated in these cases – in difference to the copyright – ex lege, by force of law with the real act of creation but it needs registering. The industrial property right will be obtained first via application for the protection and/or via being recorded in the relevant register.

Intellectual property rights dispose of a value which can be vested with a heavy economic weight just in the event of trademarks and patents. This way it is well comprehensible that necessity for the protection of industrial property rights is highly important in the business environment.