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Carinthians Worldwide Conference regarding dual citizenship

The Association of Carinthians Worldwide ("Weltkärntner") held its first thematic conference on 26.03.2021. The topic was questions of citizenship law, first and foremost of course dual citizenship. Attorney-at-law Balazs Esztegar was invited as an expert in citizenship law to speak about the current legal situation in Austrian citizenship law at the event, that was held virtually.

The association "Weltkärntner" (Carinthians Worldwide) has set itself the task, as a party-politically independent, non-profit association, of fostering and promoting economic, cultural and social exchange between Carinthians all over the world with the aim of offering Carinthians living abroad a platform for exchange and cooperation.

Accordingly, the topic of dual citizenship has met with great interest among many members, as it is not uncommon for Austrians living abroad to wish to adopt the citizenship of their country of residence without losing their Austrian citizenship. The current Austrian legal situation is extremely restrictive in this respect and only allows dual citizenship in exceptional cases, for example through descent or if a so-called retention permit was obtained before the foreign citizenship was accepted.

Attorney-at-law Balazs Esztegar reported in the one-hour video conference on the difficulties in obtaining a retention permit and on other aspects of citizenship law and answered the questions of the participants. 

The video recording of the thematic conference "Dual Citizenship" is published on the website of "Carinthians Worldwide" under the following link: