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Citizenship law

WEKA Handbook about the rights of asylum and rights of foreigners (Asylum and Immigration Law)

Balazs Esztegar LL.M. has written the chapter on citizenship law for the "WEKA Handbook about the rights of asylum and rights of foreigners". His contribution provides a systematic overview of Austrian citizenship law, from its basic principles to the conditions for granting citizenship and the individual procedures of citizenship law such as maintaining or establishing citizenship. Not only practical experience from his work as a lawyer with a focus on citizenship law will be used, but also extracts from the relevant case law of the Supreme Court will be presented.

The WEKA Handbook about Asylum and Immigration law is a solid compilation for practitioners of all relevant aspects of Asylum and immigration law. It offers assistance in understanding the basics of these areas of this law, but also contains numerous practical tips for users. As a practical loose-leaf collection, the work is kept up to date by the supplementary deliveries.